YouTube Masterclass

Complete guide to starting a YouTube channel, getting more views & subscribers, and building a brand with videos!

*** Course fee: $1000 ***

What can you learn from this course?

Understanding Google Account & YouTube Channel

✓ Google account
✓ YouTube channel
✓ Working with team
✓ Avoid sharing logins
✓ Managing multiple channels

Beginner Level

✓ What is YouTube
✓ Mindset
✓ Topic & type of YouTube channel
✓ Naming your YouTube channel
✓ YouTube logo & banner

Creating Graphics

✓ Designing a channel icon/logo & channel art (banner)
✓ Creating a watermark

Creating a New YouTube Channel

✓ Create a YouTube channel
✓ Brand account
✓ YouTube profile Icon & channel art (Banner)
✓ Channel description & links
✓ Favorite & recommended channels
✓ Customizing your channel layout
✓ Uploading a channel trailer
✓ Verifying your account

Video Content

✓ Choosing a niche
✓ Indoor/ outdoor videos
✓ Others videos
✓ Video shooting places
✓ Lighting, camera, microphone
✓ Video editing
✓ Copyright-free music

Uploading Video Content & Video SEO

✓ Create a clickable thumbnail
✓ Upload a YouTube video
✓ Add a title, description, and tag
✓ Engage with cards and end screens
✓ SEO & additional tools
✓ Others setting
✓ Creating & managing playlist

YouTube Creator Studio Video Editor

✓ Edit uploaded video
✓ Adding blurs & audio tracks
✓ Using an end screen

Live Streaming

✓ Enable Streaming
✓ Streaming Software
✓ Configuring a stream’s information
✓ Streaming keys

Earn Money from your YouTube channel

✓ Video monetization
✓ Affiliate/ CPA marketing
✓ Sell your own products
✓ Sell a service


✓ Google Adsense
✓ Manage multiple YouTube channel
✓ Link your bank account

And finally, you will get huge advance level tips on our discussion such as Traffic source, Quality vs. Quantity, Copyright, Tips for more ad revenue, Multiple ad breaks, High CPM niches, etc.